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April 5, 2019 | 6 Comments

As I have just wrapped up another  run-through of SketchingNow Foundations I thought it would be good to create an easy-to-find index of all my Foundations Friday articles from 2016, 2017 and 2019.


If you are reading these articles to find out what is in the course, I suggest that you check out the 2016 articles first as they are the most descriptive of the lesson content. The 2019 articles contain more advanced applications. I hope that you find these articles helpful!

Lesson 1: Knowing (and loving) your Materials

2016: Using a water soluble pencil

2017: Revisiting my water soluble pencil as I don’t use it much

2019: Discoveries… White and gold gel pens

2020: Revisiting my watercolour pencils


Lesson 2: Feeling Edges

2016: Continuous line sketches of my coffees and a local house

2017: Continuous line sketches in New Zealand

2019: Recent continuous line sketches

2020: Open-ended continuous line sketches


Lesson 3: Abstracting Shapes

2016: Shape sketching of a cathedral, coffee cups and cafe tables and chairs

2017: Starting with shapes for a complex scene in Auckland, NZ

2019: More shape examples

2020: Abstracting shapes in differing light


Lesson 4: Constructing Volumes

2016: Volumes sketching of a fire station, more coffee cups and cafe views

2017: Volume sketch of my peacock teacup and comparison of the three ways of visual thinking drawing a tree

2019: A few recent Constructing Volumes examples

2020: How working in volumes is different from edges and shapes


Lesson 5: Measured Setup

2016: Working out how to accurately draw a latte glass and saucer

2017: Measuring the relationships between three random objects on my desk

2019: Measured setup (and some favourite tools for working this way)

2020: Do you need sight measuring? (Lessons 5-7)


Lesson 6: Minimal Setup

2016: Coffee cups and beach scenes quickly and loosely

2017: Recent approaches to minimal setup – more NZ sketches and one of Castle Howard Yorkshire UK

2019: Recent Minimal Setup examples


Lesson 7: Putting It All Together

2016: Coffee different ways!

2017: Detailed step-by-step of a teacup sketch

2019: Having a cuppa


Lesson 8: Balancing Line and Colour

2016: Two different approaches to sketching a cafe counter

2017: More architectural examples of mixing line and colour – Palladio and St James Sydney

2019: More recent examples of balancing line and work

2020: Urban sketching training (Lessons 8-12)


Lesson 9: Composing the View

2016: Using a view finder to sketch Mosman Art Gallery

2017: Comparing a viewfinder sketch of my neighbour’s roof with a looser version

2019: The importance of getting ground-lines right


Lesson 10: Creating a Focus

2016: Thumbnail explorations of a busy scene in Sydney’s downtown (lots of interesting discussion as well!)

2017: Creating different stories about the view of my neighbour’s property

2019: Creating a focus at Callanish Stones


Lesson 11: Working from a Focus

2016: A range of examples – Melbourne, Singapore, Norfolk Island

2017: Some local shops and more examples from NZ

2019: Allowing a sketch to evolve


Lesson 12: Reviewing your Work

2016: A few thoughts about reviewing your own work and my takeaways from the 2016 run-through

2017: Examples of how I reviewed my work at the end of my first sketchbook and my takeaways

2019: Reviewing work and cafe sketching tips


Thank you so much for being a part of these three big series of articles – I hope that you found them helpful. They were a lot of fun to put together and have really being useful in the development of my own work!


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