Teacup Sketching

January 31, 2020 |

Pink teacups Liz Steel
It’s no understatement to say that I’m a little obsessed with drinking good quality loose leaf tea out of fine china teacups… and sketching the experience.

I have an ever-expanding collection and every time I sketch a particular cup I describe it differently.

Teacups are my muse… the subject I use to explore new ideas or simply just to chill out and get lost in the moment. I particularly like exploring wet-in-wet watercolour techniques as well as lost and found edges when I’m sketching teacups.

And I’m very excited to announce that I now have a dedicated Teacups Course

Find out more about the Teacups Course


Sketching through my collection

During 2019-2020 I sketched my way through my entire teacup collection – see them all here.

During the 4-month second lockdown in Sydney in 2021 I sketched a teacup a day – 106 Lockdown Teacups in total!

Teacup by Colour


Teacup by brand

Royal AlbertT2ShelleyCoalportAshdeneCristina ReColcough


I also have a significant teapot collection!

Finally… If you are a coffee drinker please check out my coffee sketches and lots of cafe sketching.