Kit in Action

February 29, 2016


Once you have all your tools selected, you have to work out how you are going to use them on location…

  • How are you going to balance your paints and water and sketchbook?
  • Are you going to stand when sketching or carry a stool?
  • How are you going to carry your supplies?


Urban Sketching Kit articles

Here are some links to popular articles on putting a kit together and using it out on location:

Photos of me sketching on location

Showing various sketching positions – standing up, sitting on a stool, on benches and on the ground

Standing up (with Maro Taro Holmes in Cambodia) – Sitting on a stool (with some locals in Penang) – Sitting on the ground on my BackJoy (with Rob Sketcherman and Laurie Wigham in San Francisco).

These days my preferred position is to find somewhere to sit! I used to use a support board when sitting on a bench but now I don’t bother carrying it. I simply rest my sketchbook on my lap and hold my palette in my hand. I also can easily spread my sketching materials along the bench!

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