Sketching bags

February 29, 2016

While putting your kit together is very important, it is also crucial that you work a way to carry them. Whether you decide to have a dedicated sketching bag, or you want to carry your kit with you everywhere will greatly affect how many items you will include!

My goal is to carry my kit with me everywhere I go, so this means that my kit has to fit into my everyday handbag (or purse). As I want to be able to pull out a pen or a paint brush in only a matter of seconds, I need a bag with some front pockets to hold my art supplies.

This is my current bag – Hedgren Clapham Medium shoulder bag and it has been the lightest and most practical bag I have ever had. The pocket of the left is where I keep my pens, and the one of the right holds my paint tin, two small water containers, my brushes (in a toothbrush holder) and my black wristband.

Update 2022: I now use a Baggalini Everywhere Bagg

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