Sketching Architecture

February 4, 2016

If you don’t already know, I am an architect by profession. I have wanted to be an architect since I was ten years old, so I have a long standing obsession with buildings. These days I am no longer working as an architect, designing and documenting buildings so that they can be built. Instead I am just sketching them!

I have also a very strong interesting in the history and theory of architecture, and before I became an addicted sketcher used to spend a lot of time reading history books and drawing precise drawings of buildings that I visited during my travels.

Both my interest in understanding the design of architectural masterpieces and my day to day production of working drawings has helped me enormously now that I am sketching them.

My goal is share this architectural knowledge with you to help you improve your sketches of buildings.
I run specific sketching architecture workshops, but also love sharing my knowledge online here on my blog.

So this section of my site is devoted to sharing ideas about sketching architecture, and share my passion for having FUN sketching buildings!


The inspiration to my approach to sketching architecture comes from Le Corbusier:

When one travels and works with visual things – architecture, painting or sculpture – one uses one’s eyes and draws, so as to fix deep down in one’s experience what is seen. Once the impression has been recorded by the pencil, it stays for good, entered, registered, inscribed.

The camera is a tool for idlers, who use a machine to do their seeing for them. To draw oneself, to trace the lines, handle the volumes, organise the surface…all this means first to look, and then to observe and finally perhaps to discover…and it is then that inspiration may come.

Sketching Architecture Concepts