February 29, 2016

Choosing the ‘right’ colours for your watercolour palette is a huge subject. The simple answer is that it is a never-ending journey of exploration and everyone’s selection of colours is unique.

My Current Palette

I make tweaks all the time but the basic selections remain the same. Click here for the latest (documented) version of my palette.


  1. I use a small metal tin that has a fold-out mixing area and a three-sectioned lid – this is a metal palette made by Derivan in Australia – see here.
  2. To fit so many pans into the metal tin… the metal clips are removed and the pans of paint are secured with blu-tac. Detailed description of setting up my paint tin is here.


My 6-colour and 12-colour palettes

I have two watercolour palettes that are perfect for urban sketching and recommended for beginners.

These palettes use Daniel Smith paints but I also provide some alternatives in the articles linked above.

SketchingNow Watercolour Course

Master the basics of watercolour!

Create vibrant and lively watercolour sketches by learning how to control your water, create watercolour magic and know when to layer or work wet-in-wet.

You’ll be part of an inspiring community of sketchers from around the world who will share their unique styles. You’ll never lack inspiration! You’ll have lifetime access to an incredible gallery of watercolour sketches inside our virtual classroom.

Find out more about my Watercolour Course 


Click the button and scroll to the bottom of the page for details of some free Intro Lessons on how to set up your own palette, plus what brushes and sketchbook to use!

How I store my paints

My amazing dad made this incredible wall unit for me to store my paint tubes. Read the full details here.

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