Trip2012: The Full Kit

June 29, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Hmm… certainly looks like I carry a lot of stuff doesn’t it….

I like the 2 bag approach as the blue bag can be put on the ground to relieve the weight when sketching standing up.

I made an investment of a Walkstool Comfort stool – it is not the lightest (but the SAME weight as my old one which I am used to carrying everywhere) however I decided that the most important thing is to get a good seat for my back (my old one is a killer for my lower back) This one is AMAZING! (NOT cheap but my back needs special treatment… can affect my neck and that in turn affects headaches…plus if my lower back goes I am in big trouble!)

I normally carry all of this stuff on a big sketching day around Sydney except for
– don’t normally carry a camera
– don’t take insect repellant with me
– only sometimes take A4 pad of watercolour.

Sorry about all the posts today… sometimes it is easier to do one post per sketch/photo!

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