Winter Bag and St Peters Kempton

May 14, 2014 | 1 Comment

just a little playing with paint this evening before getting into work.

I had intended to write some notes on this spread… but well there is no room.

So will add my notes here instead.

  • Using my mini tin and my pocket palette mainly to get a feel for the size of the mixing area (mixed the sky wash on the pocket palette and it was fine)
  • Thinking about the text on the side … what I read this morning and how much more important it is than anything art related (and some other important family concerns)
  • Can’t help thinking how different my work is since I sketched this church in Kempton in 2008 during my last trip to Tassie. Looking forward to seeing Tassie friends again….
  • I was having trouble with my blue sailor pen (that I bought in SG 2012) but it seems that the de Atramentis Ink and it get on very well and it is working great now…this means I can have the blue sailor in my everyday kit and my green one in my other one.
  • Having fun using indian red and doing my darks first. It is quite a distinct colour and have to be careful because it is opaque and I am not used to using opaque watercolours.
  •  Swapped to my winter bag last week…. my bag is sitting on my scanner so I could get the right angle… so I thought I should add its strange context. Was thinking about Lisbon the day before the symposium when I was approached by someone (now who was it???) “Are you Liz Steel … I recognise your bag?”
  • Moonglow didn’t make the cut of my top 28 did it?
  • What else… hmm… (I wouldn’t have written all this… but once I started typing….)
  • this was a processing sketch. I have too many things in my mind at the moment… and just doing this sketch has helped focus me on my tasks for the evening. (I seem to think with a paint brush in my hand)

Do you really care about all these crazy brain ramblings??… I really do a lot of talking to myself while I am sketching don’t I? (and when I am blogging too!)

I suppose the important part of all of this (if you are still reading)….

Notice that I don’t really bother too much about my ‘inner critic’ who interrupts my interesting thoughts with comments like “that spire roof is not centred on the tower” and ‘those angles are so wrong” but you know that tonight IC didn’t disturb me till right at the end… in fact we are pretty good friends and often have a lively banter (but more about that another time)

Ok… way too much rambling for the day!

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