Three things from today - including a new bag!

September 13, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Random collection from Today.

FINALLY I get to show you in sketch form the wonderful gift that was inside that parcel with Keith on the back. Yes a blue and brown bag from my dear friend France Belleville (Wagonised) We now not only have matching necklaces but bags as well! Thank you France I’m loving it!

BTW 1: I really think my favourite pages are the ones that and pieces from my day. I love the compositional challenge of layout and colour and text as well.

BTW2: If you haven’t noticed I am hooked on my Copic markers. I feel a little guilty for neglecting my watercolour… only a little!

BTW3: Though I don’t really like sacrificing every second spread for the bleed throughs OR having to always make sure I have a folded piece of paper directly under to sketch to prevent multiple bleed throughs.


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