Trip 2011: A Wee Scottish Urban Sketchers Symposium (Edinburgh part 2)

August 13, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

I only had 1.5 days in Scotland(Edinburgh) so it was really special that the Scottish correspondents Stuart Kerr and Wil Freeborn, who both live in Glasgow were able to come across to Edinburgh for the day (or part thereof!) Thanks guys!!

I was also able to see the exhibition of their work moments before they were taken down.

It was a wet or threatening to rain day so we settled inside the Art Gallery during a shower. Hard to focus on my sketching when we had so much to catch up on. I was feeling the pressure of being in form in time for arriving in Lisbon (which I did the very next day)

Stuart’s photo of us

Thankfully the rain stopped and we positioned ourselves against a police box to sketch down Cockburn St. Sadly, a van came and parked right in front of us, and secondly Wil had to go so none of us finished our sketch… a great photo opportunity though! Thanks to my friend AM for the photo and hanging out with us all day!

I ended up finishing my sketch (ie. adding the watercolour in the plane the next day on the way to Lisbon.) Sadly my noodlers flex pen leaked ink in various places on this sketch so my painting was seriously affected by it.Yes, my advice is don’t take a noodlers flex pen with ink on a plane…it leaked every easyjet flight I went on!

Finally it was time for afternoon tea and Stu took us (me and my friend AM) to a GREAT cafe and we sat around and chatted away…while I drew the cup, scone and view..of course.Great postcard of the cafe

It was so special to see the Glasgow Boys again – this is the third year in a row that I have able to catch up (and sketch) with them! I was SO disappointed that both of them were unable to make it to Lisbon (as they were themselves)! Hopefully next time!

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