Displaying my teacup collection

May 10, 2024 | 8 Comments

Last week I shared a glimpse of the new wall unit that I’m using to display my teacups… so here is a more detailed look!

It makes me super happy to have all my teacups on display, and to be able to easily access them all. It’s particularly fun to let visitors choose their own cup and pot!

Eventually, I want to design a custom wall unit for my teacups and teapots but at the moment this simple CD bookcase is doing a great job.

I haven’t designed the arrangement – I just emptied my packing boxes and randomly placed the cups on the nearest shelf. It’s this eclectic combination of colour and pattern that makes me smile so much.

With the exception of the top row in this photo (which contains my 100 years Royal Albert set) the rest are what I refer to as my everyday cups. They are from Australian brands – T2, Ashdene, Cristina Re, Teas & C’s and LyndalT. The majority of the cups are T2 cups!

Not shown in this photo is a row of vintage cups (and a few Royal Alberts – including OCR (Old Country Roses) and a row of earthenware cups and saucers that I use for my coffee.


And just for the record,  my teacup cups were previously crammed into a kitchen cupboard. It was very difficult to get to the cup I wanted and then find the matching saucer. My fancy teacup cups were kept in boxes. The Royal Albert 100 years set was stored in its original gorgeous pink boxes on top of a cupboard and quite an effort to get down. While it’s a little sad not to be using these boxes anymore I love being able to easily get to them now.

Having my teacups more accessible will be super handy as we go through my Teacups course again.

Teacups Live Version starts next week  Wednesday 15 May. We’ll be going through the course together as a cohort over 4 weeks and I’ll be hosting 3 bonus livestreams. If you have purchased the course previously you have access to this Live Version for free – simply go to the classroom via My Account My Courses at SketchingNow.com and follow the instructions on the classroom homepage.

also note the price of the Teacups course will permanently increase by 20% on Thursday 16 May – so this is the last time you can join the course for the current price.

Find out more about Teacups here


  • Mary Laiuppa says:

    How fun. It does give joy to see a collection in display where you and visitors can enjoy it. Doubly so when you can enjoy it.

    I don’t collect teacups but I do have over a dozen teapots which I guess is a collection. Some are out and some put away. I should find a way to put more of my teapots on display.

    • Liz Steel says:

      Hi Mary – A dozen teapots is a collection. My excess pots are scattered around my bookcases!

  • Patricia Wafer says:

    Beautiful! Handy for sketching and gorgeous decoration for your environment. Love all the gorgeous colors!

  • laurie kallevig says:

    yay teacups! my twin sister and i were in the first live class and we plan to join again for this one. thanks, liz!!

  • Jamie C says:

    Beautiful shelves and they do look so easy to get the cup you want!

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