Trip 2011 Day 6 - Morning in Edinburgh (and then heading for Lisbon!!!)

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06_Tu17 02 Wonderful Fraoch House Breakfast
06_Tu17 01 Summary

I think that this is one of the most crazy days I have ever had! (that is quite a statement!) Morning till about 1pm with 2 friends from Sydney and Eza. Trying to balance catching up, sight seeing, sketching and not slowing them down (I didn’t get much paint added at the time.) I am so thankful to have such wonderful understanding and accommodating friends!!!

Starting the day in a slow and calm way is my secret to a crazy day. Painting in a relaxed manner over breakfast was so calming and hit the spot. I have been to many great B&Bs in the UK… this one Fraoch House is right up there!!! I could not fault the breakfast at all!
06_Tu17 03 Royal Mile View from Princes St

Determined to arrive early at the Scott Monument where I was meeting my friends but didn’t quite have enough time… so two very quick sketches of the view/building that I really longed to sketch.I love having a simple b&w sketch in my sketchbook… I really should do it more often!
06_Tu17 04 Bank of Scotland

Added colour to this in the plane on flight to Lisbon. As you can see from my note I was very concerned to be in ‘the groove’ when I arrived in Lisbon but my days beforehand were way too busy and social to expect that. I am also in the habit of trying to reach the standard of those amazing days last year when in Rome on my own (a very unfair and unrealistic expectation as I had been sketching non stop for 9 weeks – 2 of which were dedicated focused and leisurely sketching with Eza!)
06_Tu17 05 Private tour of Magdalen Chapel
Eza organised a private tour of Magdalen Chapel – one of the most historically significant churches in history – fascinating history and architectural details/ craftsmanship. This was quite a bold thing to do to sketch Rev Sinclair Horne while he was talking to us!!!
06_Tu17 06 Greyfriars Graveyard and Lunch
A quick walk around Greyfriars cemetery – amazingly I had never been there before (I have some serious gaps in my tourist ‘must-sees’ in Edinburgh as although being my 5 or 6th visit I am normally only passing through!) More ultra quick sketching….
06_Tu17 07 Grassmarkets
Can I fit one more sketch in before I have to get the taxi to the airport…yes!!! Grassmarket (actually where I waited for Stuart Kerr the first time I met him… didn’t get a chance to finish that sketch so been longing to sketch it again) Paint added on the plane.
One last quick sketch in Edinburgh
Photo of me in action….
06_Tu17 08 Journey to Lisboa!!!!!
Sketching… sketching…sketching… Spent the WHOLE flight working on finishing my pages, maps etc. Should really have just relaxed but it IS good that these pages where all finished before Lisbon!

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