Sketching my workspace

July 21, 2021 | Leave your thoughts

We recently sketched our workspace as part of the Edges Group Run-through which is happening at the moment.

I did this line drawing of my computer and scanning desks and then had lots of fun notating it so that I have a detailed record of all the bits and pieces that are a good snap-shot of my life and projects at present.

I used my 55 degree Fude pen for this and was thinking of ways to vary my line weights as I worked.

Last week, during one of our livestreams, I did a 5-minute version of my work table (where I sketch, film pre-recorded videos and host my livestreams). Correction: It was a 4:24 min sketch including the distraction of interacting with the live chat at the time. Ah! don’t you just love doing continuous line drawings.

This also used the 55 degree Fude but was drawn at a smaller scale (approximately half the size of the first image).

Both were really fun to do and now I’m going down a rabbit hole checking out how my workspace has changed over the years. (Check out previous articles here, here and here. I even found one of my desk in the office when I worked as an architect and my beloved B0 left-handed drafting machine which is in storage at the moment.)

How often do you sketch your desk? Do you find that it’s a fun record of a moment in time?

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