Varying Line Weights (and colour)

July 22, 2021 | Leave your thoughts

Changing line weights and colours to create depth and focus. Is this something you do?

Here is a quick demo (about 5min to draw) that I did during a livestream last week inside of my SketchingNow Edges course. It was lots of fun to sketch with feedback from the group as I worked. It’s of a scene in Newcastle-upon-Tyne that I sketched on location 10 years ago and includes The Grey Monument – honouring Charles Grey, the second Earl Grey, who was Prime Minister of Britain from 1830-1834.

It used three different pens and three different inks:

Green Sailor Fude 55 degree nib with Black,
White Sailor Fude 40 nib with Urban Grey ink and
Twsbi Eco Fine in Light Grey.

All ink is De Atramentis Document Ink… and yes! the light grey ink is a new colour in their range. It’s a great colour and highly recommended especially if you find their Urban Grey too dark. Mine came from Larry Post here in Sydney.

A bit crazy!

And here is the final sketch with a few quick washes of watercolour over the top.

I’m really loving going through Edges again (can you tell?) and getting so much more out of the concepts from the course. I’m also loving hanging out with the current group. They are so wonderfully supportive of each other in the classroom and always ask great questions in the live sessions. If you are part of this group… sending you a huge thank you for being so amazing!

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