Distracted by the moment

February 21, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

I realised on Saturday after an afternoon in the studio that my artwork is all about capturing the moment. I felt a bit frustrated being indoors working on the one piece when I could have been out sketching and sketching.

But I have also been aware for a while that I am very much distracted by the moment as well!!!!

So this week I am forcing myself to have a break from posting and time online in the evenings (still might be able to keep up a little at lunchtime while I eat my steamed vegetables…yes I am on that boring diet again- way too many scones and cakes over summer!) in order to have time for important things in my life!

So here is a suitably loose and scribbly sketch to confirm my resolution (I couldn’t waste time doing a nice neat sketch could I?)

Have a good week everyone!

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