Singapore Trip - New Years Day

January 16, 2013 | 1 Comment

12 Tues01_02 Boat Quay
My second sketch for the year to start this post.
for me this is THE image of Singapore. The old horizontal, colourful, lively shophouses of Boat Quay and the new vertical cold over scaled new highrise of the modern city… and the river once a busy and important lifeline to the city…now quiet

12 Tues01_01 Boat Quay first sketch for the year

This was the first sketch of the year… somewhat out of control but I am using more water which is a good sign.
It was very surreal to be out early and see how deserted this area was- the morning after the big countdown… very calm sketching in peace and quiet!

12 Tues01_03 Crazy infill

I had put a general post on FB for anyone to join me, so while waiting for Favian and Chris to turn up did this crazy sketch – well I started it and almost immediately they turned up… but still I sketched – why do I do this?

12 Tues01_04 Firestation

What did I want to sketch? The fire station was on my list, but when I got there was thinking that it was a little too complicated for my mood. Had just said “I am going to enjoy my lunch when I have finished this sketch” and then Alvin turned up with very special cakes – just what I needed.
I sat and thought about the best way to tackle this subject and then though of the chinograph pencil… ah! good idea! Really really enjoyed this sketch. Only the building is extremely complicated to draw, this one can out very easily.
But because it was so ‘fuzzy’ the architect in me need to do a more descriptive version.

12 Tues01_05 Lunch Raffles

In fact, the architect in me, needed a third go! Then time ofr lunch…something healthy please was my request and Chris went off to buy me something.
After lunch we met up with Paul – a sketch of Raffles was also on my list, but it was too taxing to sketch the front – but a nice seating area with a view into one of the courtyards would do nicely!

12 Tues01_06 RafflesAfternoon Tea

I think it is time for afternoon tea, so Paul and I checked out the cheapest option in Raffles. Paul is very good at choosing good cakes (ie. good to draw AND tasty and local as well – but the first criteria is the most important) Ah! these cafe sketching sessions were so much fun.

12 Tues01_07 Satay Club

A long walk around the bay during the golden hour, but too crowded to sketch and then time for food- dinner at the Satay Club. Ah! the food in Singapore is great! I was WAY too tired to sketch…but still I do it! I can’t help it!

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