Singapore Trip: The last day

January 16, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

My last day and it turned out to be a solo sketching day – which in fact was exactly what I needed as it gave me time to do a lot of stuff still on my to do list.
But I was somewhat exhausted so started the day slowly and with low expectations of what I would achieve….

I spent the morning doing a little shopping and once again walking a LOT! I made my final visit to the two art stores and somehow managed to walk out of Straits with another Hero pen (a broad nib than the one I was given on Xmas day) I also bought some tubes of paints- the prices of art supplies was a LOT cheaper than they are in Australia…as are Copic markers and inks… but how much weight did I have in my suitcase? I don’t think I have ever bought/been given so much stuff on a trip!

Next, I headed towards the Chinese temple that I wanted to sketch …however was in desperate need of a sit down and food/drink. Stopped at a place that we looked at on the teacrawl. I was feeling like I couldn’t be bothered to sketch – running out of steam. My painting was over-dense and people walked in and disturbed my cafe view sketch… oh well, the food was nice and I should at least go and look at the temple.

Of course when I got there I was caught up in the moment…and wow! had a lot of fun. Some of you know that I am not a fan of pencil – love my lamy big time, but somehow this Derwent Sketching Pencil 4B is hitting the spot and suiting my looseness.So happy with this one. Those roofs are fun to draw!

SO much for running out of steam… I was on fire again! Ok… let’s pop back up the hill to Ann SIang Hill and re-do the sketch I was so disappointed with last week… so that is what I did and was a lot happier with this one… of course having the ‘first attempt’ under my belt helped me a lot. Worked fast, and wet and had a ball!

There was one BIG thing that I hadn’t visited in Singapore that was on my MUST list. It would be close to 4 by the time I got there but I would walk (a big day of walking is good before a long haul flight- hold on, it was an only short 7.5 hour flight – still a good thing to do)

Wanted to do another sketch of the marina bay sands crazy building – one that showed the pack of cards design. “Look at that big black cloud” “no worries, I am not going to panic, the sky is often dark”… I was wrong, I couldn’t believe how quickly it moved and dumped on me! thankfully there was a little nearby roof that I could shelter under.

So I got to the Gardens by the bay around 4pm. Was really interesting but I walked to a spot to sketch and then didn’t explore further (leaving it to explore on another trip when the plants are more established.

While this is not the last sketch I did in Singapore it was a great way to end my sketching adventure on the last afternoon. It includes many of the things that I had picked up during my visit and I like the fact that the subject is a garden of the future… looking to the future. It sums up a little of how I feel… where am I going next with my sketching… I can’t wait to find out and hope it will be fun and joyous and spontaneous and alive like this!

Hmm, time to start the long walk back to the MRT and then back to hotel and off to airport… but wait, I haven’t sketched the Fullerton (the building I really really wanted to sketch) so one quick more sketch – make that two… one more of THAT building with only brushwork (initially) Ok, that is it!

Got to airport early, 7 hours early, my flight was not till 2am) Paul works nearby so came to have dinner with me, which was very nice.

Great food and conversation (didn’t sketch at the time, but wanted to record the event so completed later from a photo) and then I tried to sketch to keep myself awake till boarding time….including some earl grey tea sniffing (and then subsequent purchase) and finding a friend for BB

Very average flight home… but still… as I am used to 24hour flights MINIMUM this was a treat- regardless of the budget-ness of the airplane.

Ok… to keep up with tradition here is my back home, back at T2 sketch…

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