Singapore Trip - Bedok Sketchwalk etc

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Bedok sketchwalk - group!
I feel so privileged that my visit was timed for one of the official sketchwalks in Singapore. Hard to believe that I had only been 1 week in Singapore at this point (how much sketching and adventures had I had in one week!!!!)

The officlal sketchwalks happen on the last Saturday in the month and was hosted by Andrew this month. They are preparing sketches for a new book and were trying to sketch all the important areas in the residetial neighbourhood of Bedok. (an aside, in my remaining week in SG I was surprised how many people looking through my sketchbook had a connection with Bedok)

09 Sat29_01 Bedok Swimming Pool

So this sketchwalk was a divide and conquer day. Three groups of sketchers had different assignment and we were also to collect quotes from any locals that we talked to. I went with some guys to the sporting precinct…. But had the intention of trying to do a sketch with each of the three groups (of course!)
Bedok sketchwalk -- local friend!
Met this lovely mum and two boys while I was sketching the pool.
09 Sat29_02 Bedok Town Centre
Another quick sketch and then I was off to find Group 2 – I didn’t find them but did a quick sketch of the town centre.
09 Sat29_03 Bedok Lunch
I wanted to get back to the hawker centre (meeting point) and sketch there sinceHawker Centres are such a big part of singapore.

Of course I got distracted talking to people back there- Marvin and Alvin….but did manage to sketch a stall of local speciality. Sadly (???!?!)I didn’t quite have the courage or stomach to test their food (Pig Intestine soup) but I enjoyed sketching their stall! Quick sketch of the yummy ‘dumplings’ (everything seems to be called a dumpling)- shared with Don Low and this is the stall to the right on that sketch.
And gifts… oh thank you Alvin and Zhu! Looking at Don’s ‘nude not nuke’ sketchbook. It is hard not to develop a compulsive “I want one of those like yours” when you see other peoples art supplies. I must say that Don’s sketchbook is one of the most inspiring books I have looks through in ages! Great stuff!!!! Despite writing down where to get one, and a very kind by Francis to pick up one for me on Monday…I was worried about the weight of my suitcase and resisted.
09 Sat29_04 South Bedok Adhoc
The afternoon we had a smaller group – ‘adhoc sketching’ at another hawker centre. These sketches didn’t turn out like I had hoped but I was very much inspired by all around me. We were surrounded by locals looking over our shoulder (and giving us free drinks!!!) and I found that they were encroaching my personal space more than would happen in Australia… made me feel a little uncomfortable! But what a great afternoon!!!
09 Sat29_05 Marina Bay Sands
After the big day at the Bedok sketchwalk -Went back to my hotel and I had to go out again on my own didn’t I?? I had been in Singapore just over a week and haven’t been down to Marina Bay at all – let alone do a sketch! so….
I went for a nice long walk and then sat down, composed myself, thought to myself “I want to do this sketch using some of the stuff from yesterday with Paul “(hadn’t really done that during the sketchwalk- too many people around me)
– Paint-ink-paint,
– loose wet washes
– splash splash splash
And well, I was VERY happy with this… very excited …but can I do things like this all the time. It is all about re-training my reflex actions… and what do I want my work to be like? I am not sure about the splashing part. It is fun but I don’t think I want to do that everytime. The looseness (but control) and the textures and letting watercolour do its own exciting unpredictable thing IS what I want to be doing…

BTW I really don’t like these new buildings – architecturally and/or the fact it is an obscene casino and extravagantly over the top … however it is fun to sketch. Agree with my friends that it is a sad ‘image’ of Singapore.
09 Sat29_06 Too many tourists
I tried a few more sketches but the tourists were getting to me (of course I do not consider myself a tourist!?) I did have fun playing around with very wet watercolour in the sky- dropping in colour and seeing what happened.
10 LD30_01 Lords Day

I will just finish off this post with my Sunday page. A wonderful day with my friends(from my shophouse day) I is nice to meet sketchers from around the world and have lots in common but it really can’t compare to the strong deep bond I feel when I meet people who love the Lord in the same way that I do (who I love way more than sketching)

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