Three years of (white) joy

January 9, 2016 | 10 Comments

This week I received an exciting package in the mail – a gift from Lamy (Australia) – it is a new White Joy pen!

The Australian Distributor of Lamy contacted me after I shared the state of my pen and asking my readers whether I should get a new body for my gold nib. I knew my pen was grotty, but seriously, the new pen really highlights how much use (abuse) my pen has had since I bought it.

Interestingly enough the first reference I can find to my White Joy is this photo during the week I gave my notice (end November 2012), so the White Joy is connected with the start of my great adventure.

Just for the record 1: I am not going to swap my gold nib into the new pen! I am too attached to my old pen, but I will certainly get the new joy working soon!
Just for the record 2: I am going to give my old Joy a good clean… sooner or later!

Thank you Lamy(Australia) for this wonderful gift!


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