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November 9, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

starting with Friday night


Here is what my Friday night spread ended up like… Don’t need to say anything about it as it is all on the page… However I think I will make some general comments about my latest ‘change’ to my habits (hmmm, I can hardly think what my standard habits are anymore!)

– I am SO excited about the size and format of this book and an incredible freedom I am finding. I feel the urge to just plonk skethces or text ANYWHERE on the page and then live with the consequences. I am usually a lot more controlled in that I normally take a few seconds to map out what I want the page to be before I start…but these pages are so much larger that the end result is totally not in my control when I start (I hope that makes sense)
– I have always struggled with feeling comfortable writing lots of text on this nice WC paper in the smaller (normal size) WC moleskine but this larger size has plenty of room for me to write as much ramblings as I want and still have room for lots of images on the page (refer also to my Sunday and Monday page).
– I want to explore a few different page layouts (the last two spreads have started with a sketch on top left corner… Can’t get into a pattern of always doing that!)
– I am still exploring what tools I am using. Still getting used to my minimum palette and swapping between 15mm flat and #8 round (ie. Bigger brushes as much as I can) I have never really gained full control of my big round (I have a tendency to use it too wet) I am also trying to go looser and yet with more control
– the big size is NOT bothering me yet. I am not carrying it everywhere with me… I have a old small WC moleskine with the perforated pages (wow! Remember those days!!!) that I carry in my bag when I will not be sketching (just in case) If I do something then I will rip out and paste into the larger one
– these pages look better in real life as the sketchbook in your hand is large the eye roams from one sketch to the other – in its uploaded form it has become a single image which is quite a different thing.

Now I wonder whether all of that makes any sense to others?

Don’t you think this has wonderful potential for a travel sketchbook? – plenty of size for collage of tickets and brochures, even the odd photo (printed out and pasted in once at home) At this stage I am planning of using this over my Xmas/New Year summer break… So I might do a few trip prep type pages to test it out. night…

earlier in the evening this was how I started the spread in the car (I was parked of course!)

Earlier in the week Wed-Friday morning

Ever earlier …Sunday/ Monday (I am too lazy to do big scans of these pages)

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