Large sketchbook fun

November 6, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Loving the large moleskine (A4 watercolour book)… The opportunities for working larger and for combining images. I am very excited and going to love exploring the new possibilities.
I am actually loving carrying a ‘real’ sketchbook around – there is nowhere to hide when sketching on location with this one!!

After work walk and sketch at berry Island (another place that has been on my list for a while) very quick sketch of the Shell Refinery on the next point (greenwich point?)- I think this is the largest sketch I have ever done on location… Enjoyed it very much!
Every year I long to record the shedding of the bark of Angophora trees… My favourite tree and favourite time of the year. I am a little scared to attempt them since they are so brilliant in the afternoon sun…a little rushed today but this year I will do a few of them.

My inspiration….

My favourite sketchbook pages are often the ones in which I have combined more than one view (such as my cup of tea and the view I have at the time) I like sketching objects but mostly get bored with them in isolation – combining with other images solves this.

I have been thinking of going larger for a while (sick of having to paint over the spine of my book to get a good size sketch) and loved the a4 cahier I was using with my markers.

Alissa Duke recently showed me a great book Singapore by Lorette E Roberts and she combines many smaller sketches on the page(a little too dense for me – not enough white space) and fabrice moireau’s books(top) show how the format is flexible for large or smaller sketches in a more formal way.

Of course I am going to be using my sketchbook in my own way – lots of text and mixing format up

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