New sketchbook, new cafe and new project

April 22, 2015 | 2 Comments

Started a new sketchbook this week…here is my usual title page. I normally add the sketchbook number and the date but my system is a little all over the place at the moment (too many sketchbooks on the run) so the page is textless at the moment. Don’t ask me what the colours are as they are either listed on my current tools page or I am not ready to tell the world what I am playing with ( I am such a tease aren’t I?)

Needed to do a quick visit to Macquarie Centre today and rather than go to The Missing Piece (which I love) I decided to try out The Vogue Cafe (run by the sister of the boys from TMP). Very quick sketch of my coffee(yes, more coffee) and some raisin toast and the view from my table. This cafe is VERY sketchable and lots of great food, like TMP.

A new project, well isn’t really new, or is it a project. It is more like an old skill that I was never good at and I am still hopeless – model making.

Made a few boxes with special outer skins for my Sketching Architecture Workshop tomorrow. The boxes are rough but I am happy with the design of the outer layer. They will be fun to draw! ( for people who have done my classes before… yes, the return of the boxes but these are very sophisticated …for cardboard boxes that is!)

It has been terribly wild and wet in Sydney this week – lots of damage. I hope everyone is safe! We only lost power for 1.5 hours yesterday so I did a few perspective diagrams by candlelight.
Hoping that the rain is mainly over now … I do have wet weather plans but so hope that we don’t need them. Will have fun anyway!

And, oh! by the way, I finally finished the title page from my Melbourne sketchbook so the big scanning job has started!


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