Melbourne Sketches - Part 3

May 14, 2015 | Leave your thoughts

Here are the final two days of sketches from a fortnight in Melbourne April 2015. Yes this long post contains what I did in two days…. way too many cafe visits in this collection as well!

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I loved catching the trains (and trams) every day. I think the Melbourne trains are perfect for sketching people because of their fixed seats in alternating directions – I haven’t scanned these sketches yet.

A quiet morning for a little me-time. Of course that means some complicated architecture and as I am in Melbourne… yes! Flinders Street Station strikes again!

And then, I went to a fancy tearoom. This place is packed and normally with a long queue. I was there early so didn’t need to wait that long…but is it worth the hype? Not really. The tea and the scones were nice, and the decor of the place is stunning… oh! and the staff are very nice…. but I wouldn’t’ bother standing in a line to visit it.

Warning: this day turned into an extreme Cafe Hopping Session. Next stop (well after a little walking and doing chores), meeting up with the USK gang and going somewhere for lunch. Manchester Press – a cafe I have been before.

Someone (not me!) bought some cake to share, so I had to sketch it… and have a mouthful as well. Super rushed cafe interior sketch (didn’t realise the group was about to leave!)

Paul wanted to sketch a ‘gritty laneway’ (me too!)… so guess what that involved? Yes, sitting at another cafe and ordering more drinks! This is Centre Place – somewhere I have wanted to sketch for years as I think it is the pick of the laneways. Still haven’t had the chance to sketch the view I really want to do – next time perhaps! Sadly the cafe was closing so we had to move on.

We were headed to Federation Square, but in the next block we saw this view, which could be easily sketched in comfort from the Little Cupcakes place – so another order! I was definitely tea/coffee-ed out by this stage but managed a tiny cup cake! The things we are forced to do for out art!
Oh – by the way, it is ANOTHER Flinders Street Station sketch!

Then… we finally made it to Federation Square… and guess what I sketched? Yep! Flinders Street Station with the city in the background. My FSS addiction is chronic!

And continuing the tradition, I turned the opposite direction and did a black and white of Fed Square.
The lovely waiter from Hopetoun Tearoom gave me a little gift, which I carefully carried around all day and had with my evening cuppa – and sketched of course! HUGE DAY!

Final day: Quiet solo breakfast in a very nice cafe, Cumulus, I have visited for work trips a number of years ago.

Wandered around the shopping precinct and did this sketch of the Melbourne GPO building while waiting to meet up with Paul for the last time.

Super quick – “why did I bother” – type of sketch from lunch and then a little later on I finished the spread with coffee and cake at Kinfolk… should have ordered tea… they had nice china!!!

Final last afternoon solo sketching session coming up: Jeff’s Shed- the Exhibition Building.

The view riverside at Southbank… yes Flinders Street Station for the first time for the day! And I just had to record the gorgeous autumn leaves everywhere in the city!

Back at Federation Square (hmm, Fed Square gets a lot of sketches as well). This was a very crazy complex sketch I did very quickly. It is amazing that I didn’t manage to include Flinders Street Station in it. Hmm, before I head to the airport, do I have time for one final sketch????

Yes… guess what! Flinders Street Station again!

The usual flight home sketches. It is nice that these days I am happy to do sketches without colour… makes it a lot quicker and easier, and I can chill out for the rest of the flight.

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