Mellbourne Sketches - Part 2

May 13, 2015 | 2 Comments

Here is the next few days worth of sketches from a fortnight in Melbourne April 2015

If you missed it
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All Melbourne sketches  – including updates ‘enroute’ with photos

Starting the day with a coffee and a laneway sketch – Caffe Duomo (didn’t charge me for my coffee) and the view down Block Place.

The wonderful Block Arcade – looking up towards the dome and under the dome.

Next the Royal Arcade and an amazing Chilli Hot Chocolate at Koko Black – wasn’t going to sketch it but how could I not when it looked like that!

While waiting for a bunch of USKers to turn up I sat down in another cafe – Charlie Lovett at South Wharf and sketched my peppermint tea. Then we sketched the view opposite – Mission to Seafarers buildings.

Fun dinner with the USK Melbourne gang. It is hard to sketch in the dark with the food disappearing fast – hence the notations!

After a morning shopping for warm clothes at Uniqlo, Chris and I headed for Fitzroy, meet up with local urban sketcher and illustrator Joe Whyte and had lunch at this amazing cafe – Babka.

Then met up with Paul who hadn’t had lunch, so I had another cup of tea at Alimentari Deli and drew the corner building opposite.

Too many cafe visits! Time to sit on the street at the same intersection. The Deli is on the left side of the sketch

Went to find Chris who was sitting and sketching at this cafe / caravan – Grub Van. She left and I was obliged to order a coffee.

A few quick sketch on the way to meeting up with the others and and aborted sketch at the tram stop. Plus my Uniqlo purchases!

A quiet morning with my friend – visiting a nearby suburb of Yarraville, which included a cafe visit!

Amazing cake selection at Alfa Cafe… a super quick street sketch (seconds!) while walking the streets. The afternoon was sketch free as I was helping to baby sit 5 children!

Big USK day at North Melbourne – here is the Town Hall.

My second sketch on the right and then fill-in sketch while waiting for lunch.

Can’t have a tea(or coffee) sketch free day could I? Another super quick sketch of a buidling in Errol St. So much to sketch here.

Afternoon with my friends again- including a little demo for three special little girls!

So as you can see – mega cafe hopping during my time in Melbourne!

And if you found that vertical page annoying because it was on its side… here is it right way up!

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