Edges sketch - Raglan St Mosman

September 19, 2015 | 2 Comments

I don’t get much chance to do anything other than SketchingNow stuff at the moment, so I thought I would share the finished sketch from last week’s video demo in Mosman (the photo where I had my dagger brush in my mouth and the usual sketchers squint!)

A few interesting points about this:
– For most of this demo I was looking after the two cameras and microphone as well, so I was doing right brain AND left brain stuff at the same time. After I got all the equipment setup happening I suddenly felt a huge brain switch to focus on my sketch – and it was quite a challenging subject at that!
– I have been wanting to sit down on the pavement and sketch this view for ages, but never got up the courage to do so before – strange how sometimes you are game to sit in the middle of a busy place and other times you are not. The funny thing is that on this ocassion,  I sat down and proceeded to set up all my gear – so I was even more of a spectacle to passers by than I normally would be with just sketchbook and paints. And just for the record the people that stopped to chat didn’t even notice my cameras – they were just looking at my sketchbook and paints!
– Despite all of the above, I managed to do a sketch that is not in my usual style – is it more ‘finished’ than my normal crazy sketches? How did that happen considering the extra stuff I had to watch out for as well.
– Ah! I am having SO much fun filming on-location sketching videos but it is certainly adding new dimensions to all the things I have to think about!


  • Stacey Vadaj says:

    Liz, I like this painting. not more or less than your other style but i like it. I like that its finished and that it seems more structured than usual for you. i like the perspective too. and the colors. thanks.

  • Liz Steel says:

    thanks Stacey – I hope to do more in this way…yes, it is more finished than my usual sketches using this technique

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