Should I finish this sketch?

September 21, 2015 | 16 Comments

New week. New sketchbook. Mon to Wed are super crazy for me so I thought I would warm up this morning by drawing my kit on the first page. I always draw my palette but I kept going. Taking too long so will have to get back to this later…

This is what I posted to Instagram this morning, but should I finish it? I haven’t drawn all my pens or any of my brushes? What you do think? I will do whatever gets the most votes!

BTW this is a A5 hardbound Stillman and Birn Delta book. It is the first time I have ever tried the Delta paper! I am a ‘white girl’ – preferring bright white paper to off white or cream … but sometimes it is good to have a change.

This brand new sketchbook doesn’t look new does it? Ah! that is because I have taken the bold move of washing off the sizing on every page with clean water before starting the book. S&B Beta and Delta paper have a little too much sizing for the speed and wetness that I work and I find that I can easily end up with a watery mess as a result. I have just finished a Beta book and for the last few pages washed off the sizing – I was much happier with how it handled.

Two important notes:
1. Please don’t quote me on this yet, but I thought I would take the risk of doing this for the whole book.
2. Most people ADORE the Beta/Delta just as it is. I have some very unusual methods in the way that I paint which means that what suits most artists often doesn’t work for me, and vice versa.

Ah! September in Sydney is so gorgeous and having the afternoon sun in my studio at this time of year is just SO nice!

And if you are going to ask me about the red dot, it is something that I go in a scrapbook kit and have no idea what it is or where to buy it, but I am using it as an identifier for this current sketchbook.


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