Getting back into sketching...

August 13, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

110813_1 Sketching habits can get you in trouble
Silly title I know… as it is not as if I have ever had a break from sketching!!!! I suppose it would be more accurate to say that I am getting back into the city to sketch…post Lisbon.

Last year I had my big adventure in UK and Italy in which to implement ideas from the symposium. This year it is great to have a bit more time to think all that I learned in the context of my normal life.

However beware: Sketch habits can get you into trouble!
… sitting on my sketching stool in the middle of the security guarded Sydney harbour bridge is one thing… but DO NOT empty your paint water over the edge. I was sternly advised that it was an offense and I could be fined. Oops!!! Lots of joggers this morning made the bridge very bumpy and hard to draw.

Beautiful morning! Here are two photos as we walked across the bridge this morning.
110813_2 A sketchers catchup

A 3.5 hour catch with sketching friends over a cup of tea and a scone. Lovely sunny day (the forecast from early in the week of isolated showers was wrong!)
110813_3 Customs House (A4 sketchbook)
Done in my new A4 sketchbook which will be dedicated to architectural sketches. (inspired by others who work larger – Katherine Tyrrell, my Friend Eza, Florian, Gerard, Marc etc) I must say that the new size is WONDERFUL! Sadly the small but heavily detailed building which I intended to sketch was under wraps so I had to settle for Customs House – it was a little larger and more complicated than I was really in the mood for.
110813_4 One more sketch and some art supplies
At 4pm I have only done 3 sketches… so not surprising that I felt the urge to do a quick sketch before walking back across the bridge. I did resist a second urge to sketch once I got across to Kirribilli… “no Liz…just go home and relax” I told myself.

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