Trip 2011: Socialising with friends in Newcastle

August 12, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

 I am not going to post every day individual from my days when with friends…but here are the highlights of a great day in Newcastle!

This day I accompanied the friend that I was staying with to a Christian teachers conference. Afterwards a group (old and new friends!) went out for afternoon tea. Just for the record…this was NOT my idea! A lovely time and good tea and GREAT chocolate!

In the evening I went out to dinner with my friend to a VERY nice restaurant. Wasn’t the perfect evening because the waitress was clearly very unsure of me painting….and also (most significantly perhaps) I had an awkward moment of know a bottle of wine at a neighbouring table over as I arrived!! It was in fact my wonderful sketching bag that did the damage…and maybe even the little fellow in the side pocket had a hand in it! I often have moments of complete un-coordination a day or two after a long haul flight… if I can use jet lag as an excuse I will try it!)

A lovely day with my friends at church in Durham on the Sunday….
Next day I post about with be Edinburgh!!!!

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