Lightbulb moment - process not product

March 25, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

I have had the intention of putting a post together about a light bulb moment I had 2 weeks ago…but after seeing Laura’s post about a similar thing…decided now was the time to make time to record my thoughts.

Anyway, don’t have time to type it all up but hopefully you can read my random comments. Basically… most of you probably know that I only started sketching and watercolouring from life 4 years ago (before then I couldn’t use a paintbrush)… I used to tell people that I had no art training (which is true) but I then realised that my architectural sketching as a way of thinking/designing was my foundation.

I thought that it helped me with looseness and confidence with my linework but only 2 weeks ago realised that more importantly it has helped me to always enjoy the process rather than the end result. (aside: this might be also why I often write down what I am thinking or experiencing while sketching).

I haven’t done much designing lately so the sketches on the left side are a little arbitrary design exercise. It was fascinating to be analyzing my process, what I was sketching, what I was telling myself at the time and afterwards when I looked at the drawings I realised that it doesn’t totally describe the journey I had gone through. Ok…starting to ramble….

A note on this spread – I scanned the sketches and added the block of colour in photoshop. On the right side I drew the gridlines (this is something that I seem to be doing a lot lately on my text pages- most of which I don’t post online.

SO anyway the whole point… is ENJOY THE PROCESS and don’t worry about the end result (learn from it and start the process again!)

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