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April 2, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Been a little slack posting to my blog this week…so to catch up

One of my quick sketches of ordinary view from where I park my car, just before I go to the gym – made it three times this week, but only one of my sketches worked.

Lunchtime purchases…need I say more

Earlier in the week I posed some questions for myself (prompted my Laura’s post) click on the image to read more) and am trying to include messy pages in my sketchbook.

This page is a result of Laura’s thought provoking post and all the other comments last week.
Not a very good scan..the page is actually a little nicer looking than this (will re-scan when I get home tonight!)

The idea is to have more private and messy (for me- remember I am an architect and have to maintain some degree of neatness at all times!) pages and keep them from sight by means of these orange dots to hold the pages closed. And I am going to try to deal with have people pages that I am not happy with!

I don’t expect you all to find this page all that interesting or pretty… but it is a forced departure from what I normally allow myself to put in my daily sketchbook journal.

Crows Nest Plaza – forcing myself to draw people!

I AM going to start drawing people in my daily journal whether I like it or not. I actually enjoy sketching people but find the results so inconsistent that I hate the risk of a bad page in my book… but as I wrote… I have to start practicing what I preach in this regard!

Yet another challenge to myself to draw people!

I AM going to start drawing people in my daily journal whether I like it or not….and be happy to have pages in my book that I am not happy with….

These are from Mark Simons facial expressions book! A lot of fun!!!

And finally…

Getting people in my sketchbook in 3 easy steps – a concept

I don’t seem to mind much that my circles are often TERRIBLE when I draw cups… nor do I care one bit if I get the proportions wrong in a baroque façade (as no one would notice that!) so why do I get so upset when my people come out wrong?

Picasso – I love all my mistakes because they are mine (thanks to Veronica Lawlor for sharing that quote with us in Portland)

I was reminded of some advice from Rick Tulka a few years ago “Draw cups and people!” or was it draw people like they are cups (hmmm interesting idea!)

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