Thursday sketches: A castle at lunch, an evening tearoom visit

March 31, 2011 | 1 Comment

In a restless mood today at lunch so drew something that I really wanted to sketch last year when I was in Scotland (running out of time and would have had to look directly into the sun at the time) Playing around with values and colours a bit here.

This evening, I had a few chores to do at Macquarie Centre so decided to pop in for a cup of tea. Fell like I haven’t been here for AGES!! The waiter (one that I have chatted to a lot – he is an architectural student in fact) without any prompting asked me if I wanted some scones with my tea. I said no! Had to explain about the gardens sketchabout and Tara tearoom (but at least they serve T2 tea!) I had forgotten how dark it was- so surprised that the colours weren’t more of a mess when I emerged back into the light.

1 Comment

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