110219 Another non-sketching Saturday

February 19, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Well…in the sense that I didn’t go out anywhere to sketch. However, I have rarely had a day at home when sketching has been so consuming!

A bit of Greek Distraction to start my morning

110219 Greek Distraction
Honestly… this is Greek architecture (well Greek Revival) NOT baroque!
… still I should be doing something else this morning (like getting ready to go out for a visit to my local art store followed by a T2 visit with a friend!) What a nice way to spend a non-sketching Saturday!
110219T2 with a friend
T2 with a friend
Someone suggested I sketch my art shop purchases but they were fairly boring- a few pens, waterbrush, some WC paper and 12 empty half pans. I then had a very wonderful visit to T2.
110219 Sketching when I should be sketching
Sketching when I should be sketching.
Along with being involved in the Botanic Gardens Sketchabout. I have been invited to exhibit a large sketch…it is very exciting but something quite new. So today was the day to get stuck into it. I am not used to working large or having to produce a ‘good’ work so found it more stressful that I expected. Of course I was sketching to get in the mood!

110219 Afternoon in my studio
After a profitable afternoon but with still more to develop and the final work still to come, I did a quick sketch which was a lot more fun!

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