110225 This week

February 25, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Surprisingly I don’t have pages and pages to scan after having a self imposed ban on posting for 3 nights (big deal only 3 nights…but it is for me… sometimes I feel addicted to sketching and have to keep regularly posting or else the task will become too great)
110224 Post Work Cup of Tea with a friend
110224 Thai Dinner
Here are two sketches from dinner last night…just more of the same. Do I really need to sketch ever time I eat out? Actually, just for the record I had lunch with a friend on Wednesday and didn’t sketch it!!!
110225 This weeks sketching activites
Then tonight I did a page to summarise what I have been up to this week (of course it involves sketching!) Preparing a big sketch for an exhibition at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney has been a good challenge… still working at it but learning SO much from a change of scale.

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