091211 Friday After work

December 11, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

Felt totally exhausted and flat this arvo and didn’t feel like sitting in traffic so escaped down to Milsons Point/ Luna Park. Put an hours worth in the parking meter and didn’t really feel in a calm, slow sketch mood – so here are my scribbles…
It did me good to get some late afternoon sun on a gorgeous summers evening, watching 2 cruise ships sail out of the harbour and let my hand go for it!
091211 Friday After Work 01
I find the opera house quite hard to draw… I am used to square buildings. Getting those shells right is a nice challenge.
091211 Friday After Work 02
Oh! I love scribbling with my pentel pocket brush….
091211 Friday After Work 03
Wandered down through Luna Park (amusement park on the harbour) The amazing thing is that I never went here as a child so it does not have any special memories for me.
I was sitting on a pier with pen-size cracks to the harbour below – this type of location really unnerves me as I am paranoid of losing something down the cracks!
BTW the quote on the side is what a nice South African man said to me as he was looking over my shoulder from a polite distance.

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