Paris Day 02 - Part 1

December 9, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

Day 2 – another map showing how far we walked! Very much out of scale especially south of the Sienne
Paris02_01 Map
Paris02_02 Monet
It was hard to know how to do a sketch in here – so we decided on the doorway. Eza was still going on her version so I decided to study one of the waterlilies while scribbling with pencils – this is a case where the process is far more important than the end result!
Paris02_03 Louvre
We sat for an hour sketching – after the Opera on Day 1 we needed to continue choosing the most ‘fun’ (complicated) buildings we could. No way I was going to attempt adding watercolour pencil to this one… Missing my paint tim but it is nice to have a B&W sketch.
This is one of the rare sketches that I did a mud map for before sketching – see next sketch.
Paris02_04 Jardin de luxembourg
On the left is the mud map that i did. Although this took a while it made the actual sketch heaps easier. My goal of the trip was to draw the correct number of modillions – I have realised that it is not that hard – just got to work out how many per bay.
On the right – really didn’t have time for this but I just had to record in sketch where we had lunch in passing…missing my paints but our next stop was going to be an art store,

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