Summer 09/10: Xmas and Boxing Day

January 1, 2010 | Leave your thoughts


Catching up on last weeks pages before I upload this weeks holiday sketches.

My family had its Xmas day on Boxing Day (26th) so I decoded to sew a dress (first one in 10 years) on Xmas day. Inspired by the class I am doing at the moment I sewed a bit of the fabric into my book. Does anyone recognise which chocolate wrapper I added – did anyone get a box of those too?

It was rather difficult to sew something into a hard bound book which is proved by the terribly crooked zig zag line – kind of fun on the next page to work around it…

During our family Xmas get together I helped my nephews (aged 2 and 5) do some painting – I thought I was using my old cotman set but then realised later it was the artist quality… oh well! The boys made a colour request and then I mixed to paint in my waterbrushes and gave it to them – it worked very well and avoided some of the usual mud.

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