Summer09/10: Another day in Town - Sydney Hospital, St James, St Marys and T2

December 24, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

I am trying to pretend that I am on one of my adventure holidays in another state or country so that I don’t waste time just hanging at home… so today I had another sketching day in the city. This time with a friend, Wendy (quirkyartist on flickr). Spent the first two hours at the courtyard cafe at Sydney Hospital

The general view from our table – Sydney Hospital.
Once again I have to be careful with the harsh Australian light… really trying to push myself to do more perspectives and complicated scenes.

Next location was in sitting on a bench in the shade looking towards an historic church. Lovely cool breeze blowing on a warm day.
St James Church, Sydney

After lunch (I did not draw lunch!) we went to Hyde Park and I sketched St Mary’s cathedral. This is a nice little section of Sydney! A great day.

Then I did a bit of shopping and ended up at… T2 tearoom AGAIN! Do you realise in my first 2 days of holiday I have had 3 tearoom experiences!?!

This is my last T2 visit for this year… I’m sure!!!!

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