Will you miss T2 teahouse too

June 10, 2013 | 14 Comments

(I want to collect some comments …read on…)

I was back again this morning… and here is my sketch from my favourite (but very dark) corner and the wonderful staff that were on today (pity it is blurry!). As I said the other day- it is the staff that make this place so special!!! So I want to share with you their faces.

Was lovely to have a brief chat to the family that I sketched today…they will miss the place very much as well!
As for this sketch – I am having fun with my new paints – using Daniel Smith moonglow… not sure that this is a must have for me but I am having enjoying using it!

Anyway, important point for this post:

I want to collect as many comments / greetings/ best wishes from my followers around the world to let them know how many people enjoy seeing my visual captures of their hard work serving tea. I feel that my sketches often do not do the place justice… but at the same time they are often the most colourful sketches in my sketchbook!

So I would love you to leave a message for them and also let them know where you are from.


  • MiataGrrl says:

    Yes, I will miss it, too, even though I have never been there! I was hoping someday there would be a USK symposium in Australia, and I would get to have tea and sketch there with you! Ah, now it's just a fantasy!

    – Tina (Seattle, USA)

  • bosveldr says:

    I'll miss the T2 – not because I've been there, but because it has inspired so many lovely sketches.

    Ruth from Southern Tasmania

  • I can't believe that somewhere that looks so good, and from what you say Liz, has such good food and drink, can be closing down! How come? Oh, well, these things happen. I hope all the staff find jobs they enjoy as much as this place…what a very happy bunch they are. Good luck all…and someone out there Please open a new place employing these guys…ann in the UK

  • Alice says:

    I will miss the T2 too, even though I've been there only virtually. I'm a weaver and sketcher from Greenville, South Carolina, USA. Good luck to all.

  • Liz Steel says:

    thank you all… I am starting to get a nice list together from around the world!

  • Tascarini says:

    It's a pleasure to see the faces from the T2, the inspiration for Liz' great artwork. I can't believe that a place as interesting as her sketches could be closing, and I know she will mourn the loss of seeing the staff frequently.
    Best wishes for you all from Seneca Falls, NY (birthplace of women's rights)

  • Pen+Ink says:

    Have loved seeing T2 through your sketches…

    All the best from London

  • loverofnewfs says:

    So sad to see your "second home" closing. I wish the staff all the best and hope that they find work that they enjoy as much as they did at the teahouse. It is wonderful that they afforded you a place to be inspired and create. It is wonderful to see that even if someone thinks they are "just serving food" they are really doing so much more. A job well done touches people in more ways than you ever realize. May they all go on to spread their own unique joys and spirits in their next endeavors. A reminder to us all to appreciate the workers we come in contact with every day.

    All the best from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

  • I would have liked to visit T2, but it is just too far away from me, her in Denmark. Greetings to the staff.

  • clgnmoon says:

    Liz, will miss the T2 and the time that you spend there and the cups will be missed the most your w of these cups are wonderful and awlays enjoy what you do when your there. I can imagine how you will miss your special corner and the people that have come into your life. Please give my best and will miss the time you have spent there

  • I can't believe such a lovely place is closing down! That's sad news. All the best to the staff (who look so nice and friendly btw!) for the future.

    (Felicity, tea drinker in Geneva)

  • Sadami says:

    Dear Liz and the staff,
    Have a good time in every moment. Your wonderful mémoire will stay forever. Wish you all the very best for your new start.
    Best wishes, Sadami

  • The Moulin Rouge of tea houses. Will miss the inspired work created there.

    Orlando FL

  • Carmela says:

    Hi Liz
    I'm so disappointed that your favorite tea place is closing. I've thoroughly enjoyed your paintings of 'English tea' with descriptions of all the delicious food and exotic teas. Your sketches of what you love always seemed to me to be more free. Best wishes to the staff.
    Carmela of Sunnyvale, California, USA

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