Warmup teacup sketching

December 17, 2018 | 1 Comment

It’s going to be another quick post today as I’m still working on a big illustration job and don’t have a lot of spare time. Click here for an example (from 5 years ago!) of the ‘neat style’ (for me) that I do for this type of project.

So here are two teacup sketches I did last week as warmup for working on my illustrations. Yes, teacup sketches, do you remember those? I have only done a handful of them this year (not exactly sure why I’ve stopped doing them regularly).

I feel a bit rusty so it was good to do these, and they certainly were good warmups ie. they got the creative juices pumping. BTW, if you are wondering… Yes! the blue one is a new cup – it has an unusual shape and a matching teapot. More about it later, I promise.


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