Big Trip 2010: Volume 1 in full - Seattle and Portland

October 27, 2010 | 5 Comments

Well here it is – Volume one of my big Long Service Leave Trip! (only 7 more to go!)

It represents the first 10 days (of my 80 days around the world) – time in Seattle with friends and then the Symposium.

Click on the image below or here to view a version in Issuu.


During my trip this was the least favourite of my sketchbooks. I think the main reason is because I wasn’t in control of what I sketched as much as I was for the rest of the trip (when with my friends in Seattle we were VERY busy and sometimes didn’t have the time to sketch what I would have liked(still managed something tho!) and at the symposium I was sketching things I might not normally choose to sketch.)

BUT since coming home, finishing off a few pages that I didn’t like, adding some notes and collage and generally re-living the excitement of the Symposium etc I have become a lot more attached to it. There are numerous stuck in pages – these don’t translate very well on Issuu. I did TRY the special USK moleskine but it wasn’t working for me, hence you will see that I cut the pages out of the book and stuck them in here.

Here are a few of my favourite spreads from this book.


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