Lunchtime sketching and going through my trip art purchases

October 27, 2010 | Leave your thoughts

Catching up on sketches lately…(in between my scanning)

Trying to get back to getting outside at lunchtime sketching and sitting in the streets – but in the meantime it is nice to come back to the rest park near my office

Big Trip Art Supplies Souvenirs – WIP

I think this sketch has taken more time than any other I have EVER done and still a long way to go – I have been working on this for 1.5 hours – still remembering/finding more stuff I bought!I will post the final version later….

But you can see that I collected (either bought items or gifts or Urban Sketchers freebies) lots of art supplies – and this is not including the sketchbooks!It is pretty scary to put it all together …so much stuff…but I was away for 11 weeks!?!

I will have to get around to finishing this off (it is almost there) and posting.

When I first got home I wanted to continue my trip so I started another identical volume to blur the edges of the trip. But I want to keep the second half of the book (yes, I filled half the book in 2 weeks – just haven’t been posting my pages here) for additional trip pages AND I just feel like a change!!!

So I have finally started the very special sketchbook I bought in Rome in 2007. I figure now is as good a time as any to use it.

Also, today I started my reduced Urban Sketchers accordian fold moleskine- I used a few pages at the symposium but just found it too hard to use at the time. I cut them out and stuck in my Volume 1 – now I am going to fill this with sketches from lunchtime. It is a struggle but I am determined to stick at it!

Here is my first spread in my rome sketchbook. Bought from here

Such predictable subjects – I know, I know…

BTW 1 Not only is the sketchbook new- but paints are too- using my MaimeriBlu set from Venice and a different brush.
BTW2 You know I never got around to sketching the full tea set Royal Albert 100 years- 10 cups each from a different decade – I got the first half of the set(19502-902) Jan 2009 and drew them all as art of thing-a-day challenge but when I completed the set this Jan never sketched them properly.Looks like I am making a commitment to do them now!
BTW3 Ruskin is SOOOO great to quote! Especially about non gothic buildings
BTW4 I would have loved to have sketched this when in Venice but I think Eza was relieved that we ran out of time! It really is a crazy building – just for the record much I prefer Rome baroque!

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