Virtual Brussels sketching

July 27, 2021 | 2 Comments


A great way to spend a Friday night. Long zoom sketching session with my friend Francoise from Brussels. Non-stop chatting and somewhat reflex sketching of these gorgeous buildings in Grand Place, Brussels.

Brussels was on my itinerary for my 2020 European trip. One day I hope to sketch it on location but regardless, this was so much fun. Thanks Franny!

I used four different colored inks in this sketch. Can you tell? Urban grey, brown, yellow and earth orange.

All De Atramentis Document Ink

  • Buildings and general lines: Urban Grey
  • Gold elements: a mixed yellow and a mixed burnt sienna
  • Window frames: Brown

I’m so enjoying using different coloured ink in my sketches at the moment and this is definitely thanks to the Group Run-through of my Edges course which we will be wrapping up next week. Huge thanks to everyone who has been part of it – what a wonderful and supportive group you have been. Looking forward to our last livestream tomorrow. What an amazing 8 weeks it has been!

And here is the full spread with the pink and gold cup that I intended to pair with Villa Saraceno.



  • Laurence says:

    Brussels architecture is going to delight you, your buildings sing, dance, illuminate the blank page.
    I find in this sketch what you have given me to see and what I am trying to put into effect: the color and the line merging.
    I love when your brushstrokes create energetic lines or shapes, full of life. I like this use as if I were holding a pen in my hand.
    And in this sketch precisely, the almost identical use of ink pens and watercolor give a wonderful harmony to the whole!

    • Liz Steel says:

      Thanks Laurence!!! – yes I love the fude and dagger because I can use them to make similiar strokes. Well spotted!

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