Another week of lockdown teacups

July 26, 2021 | 4 Comments

Last week was pretty crazy for me (with the return of Sketchbook Design and other things behind the scenes) but I still managed to sketch my weekly quota of 7 different teacups. If you missed it, I’m sketching a different teacup for each day that Sydney is in lockdown. This article brings us up to Day 29! It’s hard to believe that I’ve sketched that many different teacups in the last 4 weeks.

I still have plenty of cups in my collection to sketch, but I’ve decided to slightly modify my approach. I still plan to do a teacup sketch per day but I’m not going to necessarily sketch a different one each day.

I’ve been finding that when I use a cup that I really like I want to keep using it for a few days. And when I have a busy day and end up doing a rushed sketch I want to do another (better) version.

For these reasons, I’m going to slow the pace a little and do multiple versions of the one cup!

As for last week’s cups…


A new cup (birthday present to myself) – Georgia Lace by Cristina Re. Quin Gold was not the right colour, nor was cobalt blue for the shadows. So this is definitely a cup that I’m going to revisit this coming week.


Opening the doors again for my Sketchbook Design course, meant that I had to drink from the cup I bought to celebrate the first-run earlier this year. Lisbon by Ashdene.

This time I put the shadow shapes down first with my usual dagger brush (swipe to see this) and then painted the pattern over the top with a smaller brush. But I still did a loose interpretation of the pattern!

I have numerous ways to sketch teacups and I don’t always use this approach. I also don’t often do pencil first, but I did this sketch this way so I could discuss it in last week’s livestream for Edges – where we are thinking about lost and found edges while sketching teacups (and other objects) this week.



This is my Buildings teacup and I chose it to suit a particular Palladian villa that I was sketching that day. More about this later in the week but a preview is here on Instagram.


My Jane McGrath teacup by Tea Salon (Leona Emiston designed) is a really fun pattern to sketch using brown De Atramentis Document ink into wet washes.



I enjoyed pairing a pink cup with Palladio’s Saraceno Villa on Thursday and decided to do another pink cup on Friday because I wanted to revisit this villa. But I ended up sketching a different group of buildings that were not Palladio. Stay tuned for more about this tomorrow but there is a hint here.

This is Royal Albert: 1960s Golden Roses.


Two quick sketches of black and white cups that are part of my ‘coffee cup collection’ but are really teacups! Hmm, I think I need a separate article on my coffee cup collection! You can see some of them here.

This is a rushed sketch of Neri by Salt & Pepper… it’s actually off-white and black so I was playing with Buff and Lunar Black washes.


And finally… Marble by Salt & Pepper. The Urban Grey De Atramentis Document Ink didn’t quite create the effect I wanted. Hmm, another cup to redo?

So there you have it, another week of lockdown and another fun week of teacup sketching. I’m really enjoying this project! Can you tell?



  • JB Cripps says:

    Aside from the teacups – Happy Birthday. Always good to see a cup of tea and the creative energy.

  • Kimberly Ester says:

    Gorgeous tea cup sketches Liz.!As I scrolled I kept finding a new favorite. It feels like a lot of experimentation going on with this group. I’m really appreciating the lost edges, going through the Edges course myself now and doing similar exercises. Happy Birthday!

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