Video: Summary of a non-stop sketching day

September 2, 2019 | 1 Comment

I’ve just finished working on a new video with my videographer summarising a non-stop sketching day we had a week ago as part of my upcoming SketchingNow course – Watercolour On Location.

From 7am – 5pm I explored the local suburbs of Hunters Hill and Woolwich with my film crew tagging along. I filled 12 pages of my sketchbook and the day had its ups and downs – all recorded on camera!

Unlike the demos I do as part of the lessons for my courses, I really wanted this to be an unplanned day so that it was a little more representative of a typical Liz-sketching adventure. I also wanted to share the thought processes behind my sketching (talking to myself and waving my hands in the air!) and lots of practical urban sketching tips. It seems that the logistics of sketching on location is a barrier for many people.

It was an amazing experience and I gained a lot of clarity about sketching in watercolour on location which I will be sharing with the group inside the new course. But a few takeaways were:

  • the importance of deciding on what you are going to sketch before you start,
  • get the first sketch out of the way quickly,
  • bring gloves when sketching early morning in mid-winter,
  • something special happens when you have been sketching for a few hours!

Today I just want to share the highlight video with you!



People are already sharing their work and their sketching kits into the classroom which is really exciting to see.

I can’t express adequately in words how much I love doing the first run through of a new course and being so involved in the community formed inside the classroom. I know it will personally do a lot for my own work and I can’t wait to see the development in everyone’s sketches.

Watercolour on Location is a seven week course starting on Wednesday 4 Sept – only 2 days away. I would love you to be part of the fun!


 Find out more about SketchingNow Watercolour On Location


Since I constantly get asked questions about the timing here is a little more detail:

Enrollment for Watercolour On Location will close on 18 Sept 2019 and will not be available again until the second half of 2020. At that time the course will be re-offered as a Self-Directed Course and the price will increase.

If you enroll today you’ll have lifetime access to Watercolour On Location and can work through the lessons at your own pace anytime it suits. You’ll also be given free access to any further updates and additional content.

But back to the topic of a big sketching day…

How often do you go out sketching for a full day? What’s you biggest sketching session, how many sketches did you do? Did you find that your sketching started to flow towards the end?

I’d really love to hear all about your experiences!


1 Comment

  • Bonnie-Britt says:

    I really can’t wait to start the course and watch the complete video. The one minute peek is already incredibly inspiring. I did all the sketching now online courses, but am still as exited as the first time I started !!

    I do not have the occasion that much to do a full sketching day, only when I am “on vacation” participating on a collective sketching adventure like a workshop or a sketchmeet. And I have to admit that after a full day of sketching, I am completely exhausted.
    However, a half-day is the perfect time as far as I am concerned. It allows to do a certain number of sketches and I really have the feeling to have enough time.

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