Trip 2011: Another social day in London!

September 15, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

21 Wed03_02 Attic Room and View I woke up very early in the morning so had a good chance to sketch the view out of my attic room! A very spacious room for Londdon standards but with a few limitations in regard to headroom and water pressure(ie. no water at all!) 21 Wed03_03 Meeting Olha at Museum of Childhood Another meeting with an Urban Sketcher first up! This time with Olha Pryymak whose oil paintings I adore and is a London correspondent on Urban Sketchers (she has done some great tea cup sketches in the past as well!) As it was school holidays and she has a little one to entertain we meet up at the Museum of Childhood. Of course i was very happy with that (as was BB!) I arrived 15 minutes before opening time – so did this quick exterior…. 21 Wed03_04 Meeting Olha - BB's friends Morning with Olha at the childhood museum I also managed a few toy sketches(colour added later) and a super quick tea sketch in between talking and keeping R amused.Despite the little time and the distractions it was so wonderful to meet Olha and I hope you get another opprotunity to talk and sketch together!! BB makes even more friends at childhood museum We tried to get R to do the teddy bear trail but he was more interested in soldiers…so BB and I did a quick run around to find some friends!!! 21 Wed03_05 Christ Church Spitalfields Went in search of another Hawksmoor church- Christ Church Spitalfields (have been here before- pre sketching on location days!) and found the markets opposite very desirable to draw. One of the things that I love about on-location sketching is the way that you often end up sketching something different from expected… responding to the moment!!! 21 Wed03_06 Tea Smith amazing oolong experience! The most amazing tea experience I have ever had at tea Smith – a contemporary tea ceremony… very cool! The girls that worked there were super nice too – and of course met the bear! Thanks to the girls at Teasmith for an exquisite tea experience The girls that worked there were super nice too – and of course met the bear! 21 Wed03_07 Richmond with Alison And then I headed out to Richmond to spend the afternoon and evening with Alison from the Sketchercise group that I belong to! it was a ‘hot’ day of 31C and it was so relaxing to sit and chat by the river at Richmond. Definitely the most relaxing time all trip! I am very pleased with this sketch…. at the 70% mark it was a mess so I put it away( was talking too much and not concentrating) but when alsion started drawing the bear, I took a photo of the the view which helped me work out what do do with the values and I was able to finish it off. 21 Wed03_08 Dinner with Alison Can’t stop sketching… don’t need to sketch every meal do I? but I definitely wanted to make sure that I did at least one sketch in the tube! Summary from the day (including a few bears from the ‘teddy bear trail handout) 21 Wed03_01 Summary

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