Trip 2011: Social day in London

September 14, 2011 | 2 Comments

Catching up with two sketchers this day… but I am going to post my 3 pages from the 1.5 hours that I had on my own…. Going crazy sketching St Pauls. I could EASILY spend a whole day here…in fact a whole day sketching the exterior alone. Love the complexity of the detailing of English baroque.

I started sketching the overall view (at the top) and then realised that I couldn’t quite work out what was going on – so did this page of exploration. Still didn’t actually resolve what was happening at the portico at upper level… hhmmm… sadly I forgot to take many (any) photos this trip so looks like I will need another visit to check it out!

Although running out of time (it is hard to know how much time to allow to get from A to B if you have to change lines in the underground!)…I just HAD to do a sketch of the dome… really felt in the groove here…

Ok, lets go back to the start of the day now….

Of course I HAD to sketch my first cooked London breakfast!?!

My first destination- meeting up was with Katherine Tyrrell. Please check out here account of the meeting here I LOVE her sketch of me and BB sketching!!!
We went to the Tate Modern which has a glorious view of London and sketched and talked for about 5 hours – which included morning tea, lunch and another cup of tea.

I then did my St Pauls sketching (as above) before meeting up with Isabelle who I had met in Lisbon…

We had a great time comparing notes, sketching a great building and just generally getting on like a house on fire!!!

Then we had a lovely meal… and of course I sketched my food! Thanks Issy for a wonderful evening! I am so glad that we got a chance to spend some quality time together!


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