Trip 2011: Day 22 Last day!!!

September 15, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

22 Thu04_03 Victoria & albert Museum Courtyard The last day consisted in spending the morning with an old school and university friend…and then a crazy time sketching and trying to see as much as I could at the V&A museum…coloured all added in the airport waiting for my flight home….. 22 Thu04_02 Final breakfast and morning tea with old school-uni friend 22 Thu04_04 V&A Afternoon Tea 22 Thu04_05 V&A Collection of Objects 22 Thu04_06 Just one more sketch?...Natural History Museum 22 Thu04_07 Still sketching- cab to heathrow 22 Thu04_08 Final UK sketch - dinner at heathrow 22 Thu04_01 Summary

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