Trip2012: Day 1 - out sketching on little sleep!

July 27, 2012 | 2 Comments

Sketches from my first full day … I am totally amazed at how much I achieved this day as I was somewhat sleep deprived. My philosophy to fight jet lag is to be out in the sun and fresh air, walking and sketching as if I was all ok. It worked this time!!

D01_Fri06_01 Breakfast
Feeling a little shaky (lack of sleep) and first time in a developing country with no spanish… so I took it easy…still sketched my breakfast but used a waterbrush. More details of breakfast and my hotel coming up….
D01_Fri06_02 First sketch (cathedral)
Text says it all… rather overwhelmed by this experience – unsure how safe it was and not able to be totally aware of my possessions, try to speak to Spanish speaking people and sketch at the same time…. so I retreated into the quietness of the cathedral precinct
D01_Fri06_03 Cathedral Courtyard view
Sketch from the quiet but hot courtyard to the south of the cathedral…
D01_Fri06_04 Cathedral Apse
Back inside to the cool for one more sketch before retreating to the coolness of my beautiful hotel room (I didn’t let myself have an afternoon nap)
D01_Fri06_05 Cathedral Nave
After resting in the middle of the day I came back to the cathedral and attempted this complex scene… I am amazed that I attempted this!
D01_Fri06_06 Cathedral front (west) facade
A service was about to start so I went outside the sketch the magnificent west facade… having fun!
D01_Fri06_07 Monasterio Steps
Wandered up the hill to the setting for Marc’s workshop – lovely and quiet (except for the delightful noise of children reciting a poem and singing) Lovely spot
D01_Fri06_08 Monasterio Door
Ok, in sketching mode when I do the “just one more sketch” What a day!
D01_Fri06_09 Hotel Frances Courtyard dinner
Too unsure of myself to eat out in public so I had an early dinner in the lovely setting of the hotel courtyard – the beautiful Hotel Frances.
What a day!!! (after putting this post together, I find it hard to believe that I did all these sketches in one day under such conditions….)


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