Trip2012: Day 2 - still exploring Santo Domingo on my own

July 28, 2012 | 2 Comments

Day 2 – another solo day where it was just me and my sketchbook (still getting used to my surroundings) Rain in the middle of the day meant I retreated to my lovely hotel room but the rest of the day I went crazy with my pen and paint!
D02_Sat07_01 Plaza Espanola Map
Map page (being able to access google maps on the iphone is handy!) and experimenting with mixes of the colours of Santo Domingo.

D02_Sat07_02 Alcazar de Colon
Alcazar de Colon- Sketch of the home of Columbus – the oldest house in the Americas. I rushed this as the sun came out and it was getting hot!
D02_Sat07_03 Inside Alcazar de Colon
Inside Alcazar de Colon- Very quick sketches standing up/ walking through the museum… loved it in here!

D02_Sat07_04 City Wall
City Wall – Experimenting with different ways of drawing/painting stone. It was hot and extremely humid- a storm about to hit I think….
D02_Sat07_05 Panteon
Panteon -Getting hungry but one more sketch- surely I can do that. Inside a very nice church which wasn’t that cool inside (sadly) I realised doing this sketch that I should have a warm grey WC pencil with me for church interiors and am very thankful that Jessie brought me one a few days later. I add a little WC pencil inside the church and then added watercolour over the top later. Fun to draw spaces like this!
D02_Sat07_06 Hotel Frances Courtyard
Hotel Frances Courtyard – This is one of my favourite sketches of the trip. I rarely fill the spread with a single sketch… I am really pleased that this captures the feeling of the verandah- I sat here a lot in the first few days finishing pages.
D02_Sat07_07 Fortaleza Ozama Quickie
Fortaleza Ozama A real scribble without much thought- painted later in the same mood!
D02_Sat07_08 Fortaleza Ozama
A quick (but slower) sketch of the fort- while talking to a guide and a guard who were amazed at someone sketching (‘be prepared to see a few more soon!”)
D02_Sat07_09 San F again Combo
San Francisco again – I was not very happy with this sketch …trying not to be too hard on myself as I was still lacking in sleep and a little jetlag-shaky.
D02_Sat07_10 View from SanF steps
View from SanF steps – Trying to sketch and paint a little slower and as I had no one to talk to – I chatted away to my sketchbook… recording my thoughts
D02_Sat07_11 Room Service
Yes… drawing my food… I am in the compulsive sketching mood now
D02_Sat07_12 My Room
Can’t believe how big my room was. It was really great to stay here in the days before the symposium. I was also glad was to move down to the Mercure with everyone else when the event started (the bigger room would have been a waste since I spent very little time in the mercure)


  • fabbo. Especially love that Hotel Frances courtyard.

    What a way to record one's big adventure.

  • Steven says:

    I was just telling Elizabeth Alley that I need to sketch more food like you and Kumi…. heh.

    Love your Panteon perspective.

    Hope you made it home safely from your worldly travels! One thing that's great about architects is the great travel sketches!

    We need to get you to Blacksburg. You MUST know some of the Architecture Profs here, right?!

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