The day before the big Naval Review in Sydney

October 4, 2013 | Leave your thoughts

Big day in town today!

Morning: Visit to the Tea Cosy Tearoom in the Rocks (haven’t been there for ages) and then I did a review of the area for possible building subjects for my upcoming Sketching Architecture class in the Rocks in November. (Lots of options!)

This weekend is a big Naval Review – heaps of tall ships and warships have arrived for the big event. I hate crowds and never go to harbour events but I went today to see what I could. There were a lot of warships arriving during the day but hard to see them.

 You can see Australian Navy ships any day at Garden Island but it was i lovely to see all the flags and the big entertaining tents out on the decks of the HMAS Success!

Despite the limited view of the action from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair at least  I sketched 2 international ones – one from Singapore RSS Endurance

and one from Spain…. and the exciting arrival of  SPS Cantabria.

A few comments on drawing warships
– Warships are hard to draw- very complex
– that funny mid grey is hard to see and distinguish the different parts
– when a little distance (ie. on the other side of the harbour) they fade into the distance
– my eye sight isn’t so good so although I would love to attempt the complexity I cant see it
– when pulled by tugs they move slowly but it is still fast enough to make it ‘fun’ to draw.
– found a fun mix for that greeny grey – Cobalt Turq Light and Potters Pink.

Afternoon- went to a great exhibition on Sydney Moderns and then …..

on the way to meet a friend quickly sketched one of the pairs of snails that are around town at the moment as part of the Art and About Festival. There is always stuff going on in Sydney.

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